Sept 2020 - May 2021 

PM and engineers (7 members)

User research, ideation, usability testing, wireframing/prototyping

Figma, InVision

The Farmlink Project

As the sole UX designer on the team, I conducted the design process from beginning to finish, collaborating with software engineers to create a web interface for a pricing analysis tool that will allow Farmlink employees to more effectively negotiate excess produce purchases with farmers.

An efficiency problem

The Farmlink Project is a national non-profit organization fighting food insecurity by creating transactions between farmers with excess products and food banks in need of resources. Their team of connectors consisted of a handful of farm leads who had been doing the work and knew the market for many months and 80% volunteers who were cold-calling farmers asking for excess produce. Volunteers and newer farm leads had to ask the more experienced few about the price of produce that Farmlink would be willing to buy at. 

This made the workflow extremely inefficient as information had to flow through a bottleneck of 5 employees who knew the market pricing for potatoes from Idaho versus tomatoes from California from their months of experience. They needed a way to make this pricing information accessible to everyone on the team regardless of experience. I interviewed and observed 5 different Farmlink employees to understand the existing workflow at the organization when making deals with farmers. 

Final High-Fidelity Prototype

Usability Testing & Feedback

Other Work

Future of Work

January - May 2021 | Physical Space

Designing a workspace for the future that facilitates better hybrid collaboration between in-person and remote designers in brainstorming sessions. 

Netflix Case Study

July - August 2020 | Web

Designing a socially-conscious way to stream and consume on-demand media. 

Our Software Solution

View the final report that I presented.

Sketches and Ideation